About Us


About Us

In this sector that we stepped into together in 1998, with the view of keeping pace with and making a significance contribution to machine and mould industry and technological ecosystem, we are just as excited as we were on the first day when we embarked as a business manager in 2011. In all those years, we , as the BİKATEK GROUP, have produced in line with European norms in accordance with the axis of “precision and due date ” through our innovative outlook, and are showing a maximum effort to move one step forward each passing day.

We globally keep abreast of all the latest developments, especially in European countries, on a sectoral basis and share with our shareholders positive aspects and techniques in the interest of putting into practice our primary vision.

Within the frame of the implementations we have achieved in the fields of mould and machining manufacture that pertain to a variety of sectors such as automotive, energy and white-ware, “constant development” is taken as a principle criterion. As well as fostering a sense of corporate culture, we carry on our work excitedly and fondly, embracing the concept of boutique service and organisation and rendering a cosier atmosphere both for us and for solution partners. Re-interpreting the standards and strict rules in the sector, we are in the act of planning our performance development and manufacturing standards westward, increasing the representation portion of our country in the international arena day by day.

our culture

Of development, designing process and implementation, optimisation is the most important criterion to us. On account of precise communication and perspective, we would, throughout the project, rather bring up to date all interpretations that will make positive impact on the implementation than work with our clients only within standard rules.


Our assets

As Bikatek Group, we establish a fiduciary relationship with our clients, thereby ensuring transparency during the period from price quotation to delivery and making the delivery on time. We regard the concepts of honesty, consistency, decisiveness and swiftness as a main principle.